Grand Lakes Estate, Lara

National-award winning Grand Lakes Estate is commemorated in a new video, as landmark community celebrates 11th anniversary

30 JUN 20

Grand Lakes Estate in Lara was once nothing more than 18 hectares of low-lying flood prone land.

Today, more than 12 years after construction started, Bisinella Developments’ national-award winning residential estate has been transformed into a vibrant community.

Now home to more than 2000 residents, when it was constructed Grand Lakes Estate was a landmark development for Lara and Geelong in engineering and environmental terms.

The leading-edge techniques used to resolve the engineering and environmental challenges involved in developing Grand Lakes demonstrated..

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13MAR 20
10MAR 20
17FEB 20
27DEC 19
2DEC 19
15NOV 19
6NOV 19
19FEB 19
23NOV 18

Bisinella Community Centre Lara

The Bisinella Community Centre opened in 2010 in the national-award winning Grand Lakes Estate, Lara.

Since then, the centre has provided Lara residents, including those from Grand Lakes Estate, with modern and convenient..

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11MAR 16

Bisinella estate wins national award

Lara’s Grand Lakes Estate has won the urban development industry’s national award for environmental excellence.

It’s the first success by a local Geelong developer in the 20 year history of the awards.

The award..

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5DEC 15
6JUN 15

New Lara café enjoys lake views

A new state-of-the-art café is ready to open in Lara’s Grand Lakes Estate.

Constructed by Bisinella Developments at a cost of $600,000, the café enjoys  panoramic  views of the lakes and surrounding parkland.


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10MAR 15