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Bisinella Developments celebrates milestone with CardnoTGM, as company stalwart Ray Dunn retirees

Published: 27/12/2019

For 30 years local firm CardnoTGM has been supporting Bisinella Developments on the development of residential estates across the Geelong region.

CardnoTGM (formerly Thoms & Partners) managed Bisinella’s civil engineering, surveying and town planning for their first residential estate, Forest Park Estate in Lara in 1989. This has continued for every subsequent Bisinella estate across the Geelong region for the past three decades.

The relationship between CardnoTGM and Bisinella dates back about 35 years.

Licensed Surveyor/CardnoTGM Principal Ray Dunn who joined Thoms & Partners in 1987 has been there from the beginning, working with Bisinella Developments’ Managing Director, Lino Bisinella on all of his residential estates, including Lara’s national-award winning Grand Lakes Estate.

Mr Dunn will retire at the end of this year, after a successful 40 year career.

CardnoTGM are specialists in engineering, surveying and town planning and have been providing surveying services to Geelong and the district for more than 50 years.

In 1995 TGM Group was formed following the merger of Thoms & Partners and two other leading engineering and surveying consulting practices.  In 2018 the business was purchased by Cardno Australia and is now called CardnoTGM.

Bisinella and CardnoTGM have grown significantly over the past 50 years with CardnoTGM renowned as one of the largest engineering consultancies in the Geelong and Ballarat regions. The business employs 135 people including 55 in Geelong.  Bisinella has a proud 55 year history.

Mr Bisinella congratulated Mr Dunn on his successful career and thanked him for his professionalism, commitment, support and expertise.

“For more than 30 years Mr Dunn along with the rest of the staff at CardnoTGM have played an important role in the successful development of residential estates across the Geelong. This has been a relationship built on mutual trust and total confidence in their ability.”

“Mr Dunn is a consummate professional whose advice and skills have been invaluable to our business. We are extremely grateful for his wonderful service and wish him all the best in retirement.”

CardnoTGM work closely with Bisinella on all of their estates, managing the construction process and providing an engineering supervisory role right from the start to the end of sub-division.  They are also responsible for the structural design of the vast majority of Bisinella warehouses which total more than 110,000m2 and continue to assist with routine inspections, improvements and structural reviews.

“The extensive services they provide from planning and civil engineering to structural design and management of large projects enables us to successfully construct and implement multiple projects at the same time,” Mr Bisinella said.

Ray Dunn said Bisinella had been a wonderful family to work with over 30 years.

“The thing I value about my career is relationships like the one with Bisinella. It has been an extremely valuable relationship. It keeps you coming to work when you have good relationships with clients, it makes all the difference.”
“It has been an excellent relationship. It is professional, friendly and personal. There’s a huge amount of trust and respect both ways. It is not often you have clients who trust you implicitly to do your job.”

CardnoTGM’s Project Director/General Manager Peter Preece said Mr Dunn would be greatly missed.

“How do you replace Ray? You can’t. There will be different people who will do different aspects of his role but no one is going to have 100 per cent of Ray Dunn’s experience.”

Bisinella employs 18 full-time staff with more than 75 contractors and consultants working on their projects throughout the Geelong region on any given work day.

Mr Bisinella said supporting local businesses and the Geelong workforce remained as important to the family-run business today as it did when he took on his first full-time employee 55 years ago.

“The vast majority of trades and businesses we engage with are from Geelong. Geelong offers a wide range of high quality services here and we are proud to support local businesses.”