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Flinders Walk Estate, Lara


Lots in the Flinders Walk Estate will include the following standard inclusions:

Fully Serviced Lots

• All services such as sewerage, water, power, natural gas and telecommunications.

• Pre-coated steel fencing with grey sheeting and posts with an estimated value of $3,500. Fencing includes all rear and side boundary fences, except where the garage is on the boundary.

Developer Solar Panel Rebate
• $1,000 Solar Panel Rebate for buyers who install solar panels within 3 months of construction completion.

High Speed Broadband

 Optic fibre telecommunications provided by Opticomm.

Laybacks and Crossovers
• The layback and crossovers are provided as part of the development. If you require your layback and crossover in a different location, please contact us to discuss if a change is possible.

Protective Covenants
• Flinders Walk Estate’s building guidelines ensure that quality homes and landscaping are provided, creating a quality estate for the benefit of its future residents.