Apple Gum Estate, Lara


Land in Bisinella’s new Lara estate Apple Gum - now selling

land in bisinella’s new lara estate apple gum - now selling

Land in Bisinella Developments’ new residential estate Apple Gum is now available for sale.

When constructed the new estate in Lara will feature 28 lots ranging from 350m2 to 960m.2

There will be two stages in the residential estate, located off Manzeene Avenue.

Stage 1 will have 16 lots and Stage 2 will include 12 lots.  Lot prices will start from $260,000.

Construction of Apple Gum is estimated to commence September 2020, with lots estimated to be titled approximately January 2021.

For more information about Apple Gum please please email the Bisinella sales office at

Solar Rebate

Buyers who purchase a lot in Apple Gum and install solar panels within three months of construction may be eligible to receive a $1000 rebate from Bisinella.

To be eligible for the rebate buyers of a lot in Apple Gum must complete the construction and landscaping of their home and install solar panels (minimum 5KVA solar system).

On completion, they can submit their bond and rebate form to receive their $1000 solar rebate and return of their $2000 bond. Conditions apply.

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Titles issued on Stage Two of Apple Gum Estate

Published: 20/04/2021

Titles have been issued for Stage Two of Apple Gum Estate, Lara.

The first two stages are now sold out and included 28 lots. 

Apple Gum Estate will also include a third stage following Bisinella Developments’ recent purchase of land nearby. 

The new residential estate is located off Manzeene Ave, adjacent to the

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Bisinella releases first stage in 520-lot Lara Lakes Estate, modelled on national award-winning Grand Lakes Estate

Published: 05/11/2020

Land in the first stage of Lara Lakes Estate – Bisinella Developments’ new 520-lot residential estate – has just been released.

Land in Stage 1A of Lara Lakes Estate will includes 26 lots, starting from $287,000.

Lara Lakes Estate is located in the Lara West Development Precinct, on the south west of

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Construction starts on Apple Gum estate, Lara

Published: 04/08/2020

Construction of Apple Gum estate in Lara has commenced, with lots estimated to title in January 2021.

 Land in the 28-lot estate is now selling from $275,000. Lots range in size from 350m2 to 960m2.

 There will be two stages in the residential estate located off Manzeene Avenue.

Stage 1 will have 16 lots

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Bisinella supports CFA Lara’s fundraising effort for vital tanker

Published: 29/07/2020

Bisinella Developments’ Managing Director Lino Bisinella has donated $25,000 towards the purchase of a new tanker for the Lara CFA.

“During the recent national bushfire emergency, Lara CFA volunteer fire fighters were on the front line in NSW and Victoria continuously for over two months,” said Lara CFA Brigade Captain, Roger

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