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Bisinella rebate supports landowners with switch to solar

Published: 17/05/2022

Bisinella’s $1000 rebate is supporting landowners make the switch to solar – helping the environment and homeowners to reduce their power bills. 

The solar rebate is available to buyers who purchase a lot in relevant Bisinella estates and install solar panels within three months of construction completion. 

The rebate will apply to land in Seaside Estate, Lara Lakes Estate, Wattle Grove Estate and Apple Gum Estate. 

The rebate also applies to landowners who have already purchased land in these two estates as well as the sold-out Wattle Grove and Apple Gum estates and meet the rebate criteria. 

Installing solar panels enables households to reduce their carbon footprint and generate clean, renewable energy. It also drastically reduces energy consumption, ultimately helping homeowners save money on power bills. 

Earlier this year, Bisinella had 15.3kW solar system installed on the roof of the Bisinella Community Centre in Lara.  

The centre provides Lara residents in the area with modern and convenient facilities for accessing a range of community activities. 

Over the life of the system, it is expected to save thousands of dollars in electricity and carbon emissions equivalent to planting more than 4000 trees or avoiding 447 long haul flights. Bisinella also has a solar system on the roof of its head office in Lara. 

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