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September Construction Update

Published: 27/09/2021

From new releases to final stages, Bisinella’s estates – from Lara to the Bellarine - are a hive of activity.

Bisinella currently has 208 lots over eight stages – within four estates - under construction in the Geelong region.

Residents can choose from land in Geelong, Lara and on the Bellarine Peninsula, with lots available in Wattle Grove Estate, Seaside Estate, Apple Gum Estate and Lara Lakes Estate.

All current Bisinella estates are being constructed by local civil contractor Wellam Constructions.

Wellam employs about 130 local workers and have worked on Bisinella projects for the past 30 years.

Bisinella Director Richard Bisinella said he was pleased construction of the different stages was progressing well.

“Construction of these stages is well underway, providing employment for dozens of workers from our region,” Mr Bisinella said.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions in our industry, work on Bisinella projects was temporarily paused last week.

Mr Bisinella said the disruption to activity wasn’t expected to have any significant impact on the delivery of stages under construction.

Other Geelong companies supporting the construction of Bisinella estates include landscaping contractors Ausscapes and Mexted Rimmer and CardnoTGM who manage the civil engineering, surveying and town planning.

Meanwhile, on the Bellarine Peninsula, Stage 14 of Baywater Estate, the coastal development at Curlewis, has now completed, with titles being issued today.

This exciting milestone marks the completion of the 380-lot estate, which has become a vibrant seaside community.

The construction status of current Bisinella projects is listed below.

Lara Lake Estate
Stage         Construction Status            Title ETA               Current Expectation          Release
1                  Underway                           March 2022        April 2022                            Sold

2                  Underway                           June 2022           On Schedule                      Sold

3A               Nov 2021                             Sept 2022            On Schedule                     Now Selling

4A               Early 2022                            Nov 2022             On Schedule                     Now Selling

4B                Early 2022                            Nov 2022            On Schedule                      Coming Soon

Apple Gum Estate
Stage         Construction Status            Title ETA               Current Expectation          Release

3                  Underway                           Oct 2021             On Schedule                      On Sale

Wattle Grove Estate

Stage         Construction Status            Title ETA               Current Expectation          Release

2                Underway                            Dec 2021            On Schedule                       Sold

3                 Underway                           Mar 2022              May 2022                            Now Selling

4                 Nov 2021                             Jul 2022                On Schedule                      Sold

5                 Early 2022                            Late 2022             On Schedule                     Coming Soon

Seaside Estate
Stage         Construction Status            Title ETA               Current Expectation          Release

1                 Underway                            Feb 2022             On Schedule                      Now Selling

2                 Underway                            Feb 2022             On Schedule                      Now Selling

3                 Underway                           Apr 2022              On Schedule                      Now Selling

4                 Early 2022                            Mid 2022             On Schedule                      Coming Soon

A lot in a Bisinella estate can be put on hold for 7 days, after which only a 5% deposit is required to finalise a purchase.

To place a lot on hold or for more details please contact our sales team via email at or phone Shane Ruffin on 0413 804 523.