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November 2022 Construction Update

Published: 11/11/2022

Lara Lakes Estate update 

Stage 3A – Titles due

All audits and inspections have passed, Powercor as the last authority consent to statement of compliance is expected this week. 

Once received, the stage will be lodged with the Land Titles Office and we expect titles to be issued within 7 days. 

Stage 3B, 4 and 5 – Under Construction

While works on the 3 stages under construction are continuing the past two months of unprecedented severe wet weather has slowed if not stopped construction at times. 

The weather delays coupled with supply chain issues continue to hamper the delivery of our estate. 

With the current and future conditions in mind we have had to revise our title expectations as per the below. We are sorry for any inconvienence caused, and will endevour to shorten these timelines if or when the conditions improve. 

Revised title estimates:

Stage 3A – November 2022
Stage 3B – April  2023
Stage 4 – June 2023
Stage 5 – July 2023 

Wattle Grove Estate Update 

Stage 5

All audits and inspections have been undertaken, with only Powercor yet to consent to statement of compliance. 

We are hopefull that this consent will be issued next week, allowing for lodgement with the Land Titles Office right away. 

Once lodged with the Land Titles Office and we expect titles to be issued within 7 days. 

Revised title estimates:

Stage 5 – November 2022 

Seaside Estate Update 

Stage 8

Sewer and stormwater works in this stage have been delayed by the recent wet weather. 

With all drainage works now complete, we are hopefull that warmer weather will assist during the road preparation phase of the construction to claw back the delays experienced in the early stages of developmnet. 

Revised title estimates:

Stage 8 – May 2023