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Lara Central taking shape

Published: 27/01/2016

Five stages of Lara Central Estate will be constructed by mid year.

Locally owned and operated contractor Wellam Constructions constructed three stages in 2015 and expects to complete the next two stages by May 2016.

The five stages total 135 lots, with only about 30 still to be sold.

Works are also well advanced on approximately three hectares of new public open space adjoining Serendip Creek. This includes lakes, wetlands and wildlife habitat.

In addition, Bisinella Developments has offered to complete the final 250 metres of the concrete footpath along Serendip Creek, linking Windermere Road and Pineview Crescent. The City of Greater Geelong constructed the Windermere Road end of the existing footpath, but it has remained unfinished for some years.

Bisinella will also  undertake works to improve Serendip Creek east of the footpath.

These works, which are above and beyond the requirements of the planning approvals for the estate, will complete an attractive new area of integrated open space for the enjoyment of all Lara residents.

The estate will soon feature three display homes. JG King has completed the first on lot 2, while Geelong Homes and Simonds expect to construct their display homes by mid year.  

Some of the first occupants of the estate were Cape Barron geese which quickly discovered the water in the new lakes.