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Geelong Football Club’s school program BioCATS supports students through lockdown

Published: 07/10/2020

Primary school students across the Geelong region have been watching their beloved Geelong Cats in action during lockdown, while learning valuable maths and science skills.

Proudly sponsored by Bisinella Developments, BioCATS is an experiential learning program for primary school students. The fun, interactive program gives students the opportunity to go into the inner sanctum of the Geelong Cats where they learn about the science, mathematics and health benefits of sport participation, including football.

The one-day BioCATS program is usually run by BioLAB as a hands-on educational excursion at the Deakin Cats Community Centre located at the GMHBA Stadium. In response to the COVID-19 restrictions it was tailored for remote and class-room based learning.

Resources included BioCATS Stats Crunch with Patrick Dangerfield. The maths challenge is aimed at Grade 5/6 student and allows them to become sports statisticians for the day. Students have the chance to use their maths skills to analyse the performance of Geelong Cat Patrick Dangerfield.

The resource was distributed to all primary schools in the G21 region and is aimed at supporting primary school students to apply their mathematical skills to real life scenarios.

Another popular resource has been Metric Me which looks at the correlation between wing span and height and how this can be beneficial for elite athletes.

BioCATS was designed in 2012 by BioLAB: The Victorian BioScience Education Centre in partnership with the Geelong Football Club.

Since then, almost 12,000 Grade Five and Six school students from Geelong and beyond have taken part in the program which introduces thousands of primary school students across the state to the science and maths of football.

BioCATS provides students and teachers with an opportunity to experience a day in the life of an elite athlete through GPS data tracking and analysis, the skill of handballing and the importance of nutrition and hydration and the benefits that come from sports participation.

It also offers them the opportunity to participate in dynamic educational challenges, using problem solving, statistical analysis and observation skills to learn about the science and maths of football and career pathways in sport.

Bisinella has sponsored BioCATS since 2015.

Bisinella Director Richard Bisinella said it was pleasing BioCATS had been adapted for remote learning, enabling students to enjoy the benefits of the program from home.

“BioCATS provides students with a unique insight into the science and maths that goes on behind the scenes at the Geelong Football Club. It also allows students the opportunity to learn important skills in a fun and interactive way,” he said.

Sarah Albon, Geelong Cats’ General Manager of Community said “the club is always looking to make a positive difference in the lives of young people, and joining with BioLAB and Bisinella further enhances the work we do”.

BioCATS will return in 2021.

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