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February construction update

Published: 24/02/2022

Landowners who snapped up prized lots in Stages 1 and 2 of Bisinella’s Seaside Estate are one step closer to building their dream homes on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula, with the subdivision construction works for both stages now complete.

Meanwhile, construction continues at six stages, across three Bisinella estates in the Geelong region.

Bisinella currently has 229 lots under construction, including land in Lara Lakes Estate, Seaside Estate on the Bellarine Peninsula and Wattle Grove Estate, Corio.

Land will be released soon in Stage 5 of Lara Lakes Estate, with Stages 4 and 5 of Seaside Estate expected to be released mid year.

Lara Lakes Estate

Bisinella’s latest development Lara Lakes Estate is taking shape – and one step closer to becoming a vibrant community for future generations.

There are three stages, featuring 113 lots, under construction in the estate. When complete, Lara Lakes Estate will be home to 520 houses and 6.7 ha of open space, including scenic wetlands, extensive walking trails and playgrounds.

Construction of Stage 1 is progressing, with the kerb recently installed to the internal roads. Meanwhile, the sewer, stormwater drainage, water and gas have all been fitted out. O’Hallorans Road is currently being widened, while work has started on the main entry intersection into the estate.

Over on Stage 2, the water mains are being installed, the stormwater drainage is nearing completion and the sewer lines are in.  

There have been some minor unforeseen delays with Stages 1 and 2 but they are both expected to be completed in May 2022 with titles due in June 2022.

Meanwhile, work on Stage 3A, which started in November 2021, is on track to be titled this September. Bulk earthworks have been completed, the sewer installation is nearing completion and the stormwater drainage will start soon.

Lara Lakes is located at the top of the Lara West Growth Area and borders the existing Lara township. Modelled on Bisinella’s award-winning Grand Lakes Estate, the new estate provides easy road or rail access to both Geelong and Melbourne, is close to a wide range of services and amenities and has the advantage of having internationally recognised attractions such as the You Yangs Regional Park only minutes away.

Land in Stages 1, 2 and 3A is now sold out, with land in Lara Lakes Stage 5 due to be released soon.

Seaside Estate

The subdivision construction works for Stages 1 and 2 of Seaside Estate have been completed and titles are expected in March 2022.

The street tree planting for these stages and landscaping of the wetlands in Stage 1 is the only outstanding work and will be ongoing over coming months. Construction of Stage 1 finished in early February 2022, with Stage 2 completed just before Christmas. Both stages are expected to be titled in early March 2022.

The 230-lot residential estate is located at 152-200 Bluff Road, St Leonards, on the eastern end of the Bellarine Peninsula, overlooking Port Phillip Bay.

Two hectares of reserve and open space, including wetlands at the entrance to the estate, are a standout feature of Seaside.

Over on Stage 3 the finishing touches are being added, with all services now installed, lighting is completed and most of the roadworks finalised. Construction of Stage 3 is anticipated to be finished in mid-March 2022, with titles expected in early May 2022.

Known for its laid-back way of life, the beach-front town of St Leonards is conveniently located between Queenscliff and Portarlington, a 30-minute drive from the Geelong CBD. Sorrento is accessible by ferry from Queenscliff, while Melbourne is only a 90-minute drive away or a relaxing ferry trip from Portarlington.

There has been a significant increase in demand for land on the Bellarine over the past 18 months.

Land in Stages 4 and 5 of Seaside Estate is now expected to be released mid year.

Wattle Grove Estate

Construction of Stages 3 and 4 of Bisinella’s Wattle Grove Estate is progressing well.

The 102-lot estate is just minutes from the Geelong CBD and waterfront, located at 55 Broderick Road, Corio.

Bulk earthworks for Stage 3 have been completed and the second basin - located at the rear of the estate behind the park and playground - has been excavated.

Works on Stage 3 of Wattle Grove Estate are on track to be completed in May 2022.

The sewer lines have been installed and the installation of stormwater drainage and water mains is continuing. There has been a minor interruption to works with a delay in the manufacturing and installation of the stormwater pits. The excavation of roads and laying of the pavement is expected to start soon.

The new estate provides residents with connectivity to Melbourne and easy access to Geelong and the Surf Coast, via the Princes Highway. It’s also close to retail outlets, medical and sporting facilities and train stations. 

Construction of Stage 4 is due to be finalised in July 2022. The sewer installation is now complete and stormwater drainage will commence soon.


The construction status of current Bisinella projects is listed below:


Lara Lakes Estate

Stage         Construction Status            Previous Title ETA        Current Expectation          Release

1                  Underway                           March 2022                  June 2022                            Sold

2                  Underway                           June 2022                     On Schedule                       Sold

3A               Underway                           Sept 2022                      On Schedule                       Sold

3B                Late 2022                            April 2023                      On Schedule                  Now selling

4A               Early 2022                            Nov 2022                      On Schedule                      Sold

4B                Early 2022                            Nov 2022                      On Schedule                      Sold

5                 TBA                                        TBA                                TBA                                Coming soon


Wattle Grove Estate

Stage         Construction Status           Previous Title ETA               Current Expectation          Release

2                 Completed                        Dec 2021                            Titled                                    Sold

3                 Underway                          Mar 2022                             May 2022                            Sold

4                 Underway                          Jul 2022                               On Schedule                      Sold

5                 Early 2022                           Sep 2022                             On Schedule                    Now selling


Seaside Estate

Stage         Construction Status            Previous Title ETA               Current Expectation          Release

1                 Completed                         Feb 2022                             Early March                         Sold

2                 Completed                         Feb 2022                             Early March                         Sold

3                 Underway                           Apr 2022                              Early May                            Sold

4                 TBA                                       TBC                                      TBC                                   Mid Year

5                 TBA                                       TBC                                      TBC                                   Mid Year


A lot in a Bisinella estate can be put on hold for 7 days, after which only a 5% deposit is required to finalise a purchase.

To place a lot on hold or for more details please contact our sales team via email at or phone Shane Ruffin on 0413 804 523.