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Customer stories: Meet Gary and Brenda (Seaside Estate, St Leonards)

Published: 04/04/2023

The year round relaxing lifestyle and picturesque beaches of St Leonards, overlooking Port Phillip Bay, are just some of the reasons Gary and Brenda have chosen to settle in Bisinella’s Seaside Estate.

Brenda was born and bred in Geelong, her work and career had taken her away from the area, but both her and Gary always had a strong desire to return.

Now happily retired, the couple began looking to settle down near the coast but were after somewhere they felt they could become part of a community.

“We're fairly community minded people and, even though we’re retired, we feel we still have something to contribute,” Brenda explains.

“So we were looking for somewhere that had an infrastructure and the possibility of being involved in community type activities and this led us to Seaside Estate in St Leonards.”

Gary and Brenda spent several weekends visiting the area to see the land that was set to be released and get a feel for the area.

They realised Seaside Estate ticked all the boxes, offering real seaside living, with the water within walking distance from their doorstep, while they were also attracted by the “vibe” of the area.

“It just seemed to have a very friendly, comfortable sort of a feeling. Whenever we visited we noticed a welcoming seaside village sort of an atmosphere,” Brenda adds.

She puts this down to the size of the development, with only 230-lots on offer in the residential estate, making it easier to feel a connection with the local community.

Their choice to build in Seaside Estate has only been reenforced by the customer service they have received from the team at Bisinella, Gary says.

“The thing that impressed me most was the amount of information that was available,” he adds.

“Field reports, full engineering, the set out of the whole estate, all this gave us a lot of confidence in our decision to build in Seaside Estate.”

Gary says whenever they had a question, the team at Bisinella was quick to resolve their query and the couple were also impressed with Bisinella’s overall vision for the estate, which is centred around coastal living.

“Everything that we’ve seen in the estate has matched up to the specifications they promised and looks even better than the artist drawings we were initially shown to be honest,” he adds.

“The landscaping they’ve done at the front of the estate is really very, very good and the infrastructure in terms of the bike paths and the parklands they have started to create, they are spot on, and all well maintained.”

Gary and Brenda noted the infrastructure around St Leonards met their needs, while the estate is only a 30-minute drive from the Geelong CBD and just 10 minutes from Drysdale, 12 minutes to Portarlington, 15 minutes to Queenscliff/Point Lonsdale.

Located only 500 metres away from the beaches of St Leonards, Seaside Estate provides the perfect coastal escape, offering an authentic and relaxed lifestyle by the seaside.

This coastal haven offers multiple premium block options, priced from $455,00 to $515,000, with lot sizes from 399m2 to 517m2.