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Bisinella supports local charity helping disadvantaged children

Published: 16/11/2023

Bisinella Developments has proudly supported local Geelong charity, Friend in Me, ahead of a series of community events to promote inclusion and acceptance of disadvantaged and at-risk children.

Established in 2016, Friend in Me hosts Family FunDays, Community Days, workshops and programs to educate the local community about creating accepting environments for all children.

Friend in Me Founder and Chief of Inclusion, Louise Larkin’s inspiration for the charity came after hearing a mother’s heart-wrenching experience of no one attending her little boy’s birthday party.

Driven by a newfound purpose and a desire to take action, Louise organised a special event at a local community centre for all the children who had felt the sting of exclusion and was amazed when more than 350 kids and parents showed up.

“This event marked the humble beginnings of ‘Friend In Me’,” Louise said.

“Fast forward six years, our organisation has grown beyond expectations as the initial event blossoming into a movement, with over 3000 people now attending our events.”

Sadly, one in every six Australian children are socially excluded but the real figure might be much higher, with social exclusion often occurring in covert and hidden ways.

Friend in Me has become an advocate for disadvantaged and at-risk children, working tirelessly working to combat inequality and exclusivity.

“We are determined to be the catalyst for change, ensuring that every individual, regardless of background, can live a life full of opportunity and acceptance,” Louise said.

“Educating yourself, asking questions and being open to understanding the diverse challenges people face is pivotal to building a better world for every child.”

Since 2017, Friend in Me has successfully raised $500,000 and the team is hoping to raise an additional $100,000 to fund community events, online education programs and local play spaces.

Bisinella Developments Director Richard Bisinella said he was proud to support an organisation carrying out such important work in Geelong to help children facing social exclusion.

“It is unfathomable to think there are kids feeling unacceptable and excluded, so there was no hesitation when it came to supporting Friend in Me and their incredible events,” Richard said.

“These celebrations bring the community together and provides all children with the opportunity to experience a family fun day in a positive and inclusive environment.

“I look forward to dropping by one of Friend in Me’s Community Days to experience the difference this remarkable organisation marks to our youngest community members.”

Louise thanked Bisinella for their support, which ensures Friend in Me continue offering events, workshops and programs to the kids and families who need it most.

“Contributions like Bisinella’s also opens the door to the potentially creating community play spaces within new developments in Geelong so we are grateful for their ongoing support,” Louise said.

For more information about Friend in Me and how you can donate, visit