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Bisinella donates $20,000 to Give Where You Live Foundation

Published: 17/12/2023

Bisinella Developments has donated $20,000 to local community organisation, Give Where You Live Foundation, to help support the most vulnerable people in Geelong and the surrounding region.

The Foundation has helped people experiencing hardship for nearly 70 years, by providing funding and resources, as well as operating a range of programs and initiatives.

In the 2022-2023 Financial Year, Give Where You Live invested $2.6 million into the community, with $1.5 million in grant funding provided to 47 local organisations.

Give Where You Live CEO Bill Mithen said the funding enabled more than 5,350 food and pharmacy vouchers to be supplied to more than 24,900 people and their families.

“As cost of living continues to rise, we are seeing the impact it is having on many in our community. Whie some are finding themselves in need for the first time in their lives, thousands in our community who were already vulnerable are finding themselves even more so,” Bill said.

“This is why we are so thankful to the Bisinella team for their going support of the Give Where You Live Foundation who enable us to assist those in our community who need it most.

Bisinella have generously supported the Foundation for almost a decade as a Gold donor, supporting the Foundation in its vision to create a fairer community where all people and places can thrive.”

“Bisinella’s $20,000 donation is helping the Foundation to continue supporting the community through our own initiatives and our community partner organisations assisting people in our community who may be experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, long term unemployment or life crisis.”

Bill added their ongoing support will help make the Geelong region a place where everyone thrives, through Christmas and beyond.

While funding is a key driver of the change delivered by Give Where You Live, Bill said the organisation also provides a range of initiatives to promote food security and education and employment opportunities.

“This includes our recently purchased space ‘The Paddock’, which is a seven-acre farm designed as a safe space for people of all abilities to explore new experiences and learn new skills,” he said.

“This year, we also supported the launch of Geelong Zero, a local project to help reduce homelessness and end rough sleeping in the city by 2025.”  

“To create change within our community, we need to think outside of the box and with financial support from companies like Bisinella, we can invest in new approaches to help our most vulnerable.”

Bisinella Developments Director Richard Bisinella said the Give Where You Live Foundation was a pillar in the Geelong community, providing assistance to thousands of families every year.

“The work they do in supporting our local residents who are facing hardship is a testament to the vision the Foundation has for a fair and equal community,” Richard said.

“Bisinella has been a long-standing supporter of the Foundation and we are proud to contribute to the work they do for another year, as they better the community that we live and work in.

“As a community-focused business, Bisinella understands the importance of Give Where You Live in making sure everyone in our community has an equal chance to thrive.”

Impact story – How your donations are making a difference

Fiona* and her 5-year-old son Charlie* had fled family violence. While working part time, Fiona found that after paying the rent, there was not always money left in the budget to pay for food or extras.

Through the Give Where You Live Foundation’s Community Choice program, Fiona could obtain fresh fruit, vegetables and bread, along with other staples.

After accessing food vouchers, Charlie who had at times been supported by his school for food was beyond excited to show his teacher he had a full lunchbox.”

*Names changed to protect privacy*

For more information about Give Where You Live, or to donate, visit