Bisinella Developments - The key to your community

Bisinella Industrial Estate, Corio


Bisinella Developments has a proud history of facilitating investment and generating jobs in the Geelong region.

We’ve been developing industrial land and constructing factories and warehouses in northern Geelong for more than 40 years.

There are 14 Bisinella-built industrial facilities in the region with a total area of around 113,000 square metres.

Most of these facilities were custom built to our client’s specifications under long term leases.

Bisinella provides a one stop shop for companies planning to re-locate or expand in Geelong.

We offer:
• A ready supply of prime industrial land
• Lots ranging from one to five hectares for sale
• Custom built factories and warehouses to your detailed specifications
• The option for Bisinella to construct, own, lease and manage your new facility
• Assistance with obtaining permits
• Extensive experience and know how
• A proven record of project management delivery.

If you’re looking to establish, re-locate or expand your business in Geelong, please email Bisinella at to discuss your requirements.